Terms and Conditions Contract - as at May 2023

Joy & Joy

Mimi Nicky Kitchen PTY LTD - Trading as Joy & Joy is defined as an Outside Catering Gold Coast City Council off-site catering licence event company.

Quotes, Ordering and Confirmation

Quotes are in our system as pending until payment of non-refundable deposit is made.

All event requests are to be placed through our website.

All event details to be confirmed 10-14 days before the event this includes menus, and dietary requirements, event/street address, details and photos of kitchen set up/event area, applicable contact details.

Final guest numbers to be advise before 7 days in advance.

Booking is not confirmed unless the quote is accepted in writing, the non-refundable deposit paid and the availability is confirmed.

Payment Arrangements

  • Pricing is current (excl GST) as of May, 2023.
  • Full Payment is due 7 business days prior to the event or when invoice is supplied.
  • Payment includes, EFT, Cash or Credit Card.
  • A 2.2% surcharge applies for all Credit Card payments.

Menu & Drinks

  • All Menus must be provided and agreed upon 10-14 business days prior to the event.
  • No other food to be served with Joy & Joy food unless otherwise agreed upon as per our Licence for food business (fixed) and Gold Coast City Council Food Act 2006 for Health and Safety.


  • Joy & Joy provides Chefs, Event Supervisors, Waitstaff, Bar Staff for food and alcohol preparation and service.
  • Staff are charged out at a minimum of 3 hours including set up.

Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellation within 24 business hours- 100% charge of full invoice.
  • Cancellation within 48 business hours- 50% charge of full invoice.
  • Cancellation within 7 business days - 25% charge of full invoice.
  • Cancellation within 7-14 business days - Charged for staff hours for planning and preparation and loss of deposit
  • Cancellation of event - loss of deposit
  • Rescheduling within 7 business days - loss of deposit - new deposit to be paid to reschedule.

Price Increases

Mimi Nicky Kitchen PTY LTD trading as Joy & Joy may increase the pricing of invoices and sales at any time. If Joy & Joy makes such a determination, a written notice of the price increase will be given to you, the client. This will occur where and if, the price of goods and services is subject to increase due to properties outside of the businesses control, giving Mimi Nicky Kitchen PTY LTD trading as Joy & Joy the right to increase the original invoice, at any given time to not more than 20% of the current quoted price.

Allergy Disclaimer

Whist all efforts are taken in relation to special diet request, it must be noted that within our registered and health department and Gold Coast City Council approved commercial kitchen we handle nuts, seafood, shellfish, sesame seeds, wheat flour, eggs, fungi and dairy products along with all manner of fruits, vegetables and meats. Customers dietary request will be catered for to the best of our ability. Individuals with sever health threatening allergies or food intolerances should be notified.

Responsible Service of Alcohol Obligation

Joy & Joy practices the responsible service of alcohol in accordance with the Liquor Licensing Act. We reserve the right to refuse alcohol service to those who are under the age of 18 and to those who are deemed intoxicated or are suppling to minors. Clients will be responsible to ensure the orderly behaviour of their quests and Joy & Joy reserves the right to intervene and exclude any guest from service.

Acts of Nature or pandemic

Should any act of nature or pandemic such as a fire, national health directive, flood, civil disturbance or industrial action prevent either the organiser or Joy & Joy from carrying out their obligation under this agreement, neither the organiser or Joy & Joy shall be liable for the non-performance.


We reserve the right to apply extra charges for additional guests, extra food required, extra ice and beverages supplied not agreed upon in the final invoice. This will be charged after the event by invoice.

COVID-19 Transmission

Joy & Joy and its employees, agents, chefs, supervisors, waitstaff, bar staff and any licensee ("Joy & Joy") will use its reasonable endeavours to comply with any relevant, governing Covid-19 legislation or regulation which may be imposed by the Government.

The Client must fully understand and accept both the known and potential dangers of utilizing our facilities and services ("Our Service") for the purpose of catering an event in the Covid-19 pandemic climate and acknowledges that such event occurring may, despite Joy & Joys reasonable efforts to mitigate such dangers, result in exposure to Covid-19 resulting in quarantine requirements, serious illness, disability and/or death.

To the fullest extent permitted by law, the Client hereby releases, waives, discharges, holds harmless and indemnifies (and must keep indemnified) Joy & Joy from any claim, action, expense, damage, cost, liability, loss (including consequential or indirect loss), injury or death, howsoever arising whether present or future which the Client incurs or may incur (or any person who may contract Covid-19 directly or indirectly) whether Caused ay are thence, active or passive, or otherwise while the Client is using our service and in the future.

Staff Treatment

The parties agree that violence shall be defined as any incident in which Joy & Joy and any of its employees, agents, chefs, supervisors, waitstaff, bar staff and any licensee is abused, threatened or assaulted while performing his or her work. The parties agree that such behaviour includes the application of force, threats with or without weapons and severe verbal abuse, all of which will not be condoned.

Joy & Joy reserves the right to report any incident to a supervisor or any relevant authority if necessary and is further indemnified from any liability in relation to such claim.

Medical Emergencies

It is acknowledged and accepted that Joy & Joy is not equipped nor responsible nor trained for administering first-aid to any guest or Client.

In the event a medical emergency occurs, a physician or qualified health care provider and/or 000 will be called and/or directed to the event and Joy & Joy is hereby authorised to assist with making the necessary arrangements for any required emergency transportation and/or medical treatment as may be required with the authorised medical officer or practitioner.

For the purpose of the provisions herein, "Client" means any invitee or guest of our Client which attends the venue/event of which Our Service is required for.

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